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Points of Interest

There are several districts of Gotham, many with one or more points of interest.

Amusement Mile

Arkham Island

Blackgate Isle


The Bowery

  • Murphy's Lament a notorious and filthy bar, cheap rotgut, no questions.
  • Wang's Last Secret a dank, basement level bar, a destination of choice for Chinatown outcasts.
  • Eddie's High Life in the Bowery, everyone goes to Eddie's. It's an abandoned warehouse turned into a huge bar, it's always crowded, always noisy, all are welcome, except cops.
  • Madam Lily's Tea Room the most famous whorehouse in town, it's huge, cheap and terrible.
  • Nine Lives a bar, with a regular “swap meet”
  • Quarter a huge flophouse, home to the desperate
  • Soul on the Rocks a shelter and soup kitchen of the Salvation Army

Bristol County


Coal District


Crest Hill

Crime Alley

Diamond District

  • Aftagen is a medical technology firm that is well before its time. It produces biotechnical achievements beyond its years in the heart of Gotham.
  • Max's Gems is one of the larger jewelers in the Diamond district. It was once the home of safecrackers who honed their skill against a score of safe deposit boxes in Max's basement. The building that Max once owned is now a ruined shell following the fire of 1911.
  • Gotham Tower Apartments is the premiere location for upcoming singletons of means who aren't old money.
  • Facets Nightclub is a place for new money to meet and mingle in the Diamond District. It is clean and nondescript, a perfect blank canvas for whatever their stepford-wife-like patrons want it to be.

East End

Fashion District

Financial District

Gotham Heights

Gotham Proper

Gotham Village

Little Italy

Old Gotham


Robinson Park

Slaughter Swamp



  • The Hagshead Lounge is a notorious strip club still does a reasonable business in this district despite the fact that it is ground down with peeling paint and cracking mortar.
  • The Silver Princess is a half-finished passenger liner rotting in its slip that is the home for squatters and drunks.
  • End of the World Hotel–big abandoned hotel with sinister reputation
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