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The Elliot Family

The industrialist family the Elliots are best known for their being media moguls. Not only are they the sole owners of the lucrative tabloid The Gotham Bugle, but they are principal stockholders at The Gotham Gazette and the radio station WGOT. Additionally, they own a syndicate of newspapers and radio stations all up the Eastern Seaboard from Baltimore to Boston.

After the death of patriarch Stanton Elliot a few years ago, his brother Stephen is the titular head of the family. However, Stanton's son Blair is the shining star of the family and gathers all the attention. Stephen's daughter Samantha is desperate to outshine her cousin in anyway she can. The Elliot Estate is located in Coventry.

The Elliot family has smaller holdings in the railroad, meat packing, and paper products.

Blair Elliot is the official publisher of the Gotham Bugle and several other Elliot papers, but beyond watching the profits, he stays out of day-to-day operations. Stephen Elliot is the Chairman of Elliot International, the holding company behind the media empire. Samantha Elliot is the president of WGOT. Fenton Elliot, Blair's disgraced brother has been given a meat packing plant to run.

A new Elliot industrial project is Ajax Chemicals. Blair has raised the capital himself, after Stephen refused to use family money, since chemicals aren't part of the Elliot idiom. He hopes that innovative chemical products will find lucrative markets overseas.

Chance Elliot who is from a more distant branch of the family, is currently District Attorney for Gotham.

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