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The Grimsby Building

There are fewer more respectable places than the Grimsby Building in Crest Hill. It is an old, but incredibly well maintained and sturdy apartment house that only rents to quiet, respectable,well-behaved tenants. No socialites, show business people or traveling salesmen need apply for an apartment here.

The only thing odd about the Grimsby Building was the fact that the fourth floor (of 7) was completely sealed off and was never entered for any reason. No one had entered the floor since 1898, and no explanation was ever offered.

This mystery broke into the clear in late April 1934, when a supernatural horror broke loose from the Seal of Solomon on the 4th floor, where it had been re-sealed in 1898 by the The Victorian Legion. It had earlier broken forth and killed its summoner, Thurston Grimsby, when workmen had broken the original Seal of Solomon.

Team C of the GCRP forced the horror, known as Phaleros, back through the portal and closed it forever this time, using the artifacts known as the Piercing Gaze of Rhadymanthus and the Light of Horus.

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