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Golden Dragons

The Golden Dragons are the older of the two Chinese gangs in Gotham. They claim that they came to Gotham with a commission from the Chinese Emperor himself (of course the document is far too secret to show anyone). Apart from the usual protection and prostitution rackets, the heart of the Golden Dragon's business is the Opium Trade. Any attempt by any other gang to get into that trade (or presumably the trade in similar opiates like morphine or heroin) is met by fanatical fury from the Golden Dragons.

The head of the Golden Dragons currently is Fung Shu the Celestial who has imposed stricter discipline over the gang than it has known for 20 years or so. He has trained and deployed and elite team of red-clad swordsmen known as the Hand of Heaven to strike down his enemies. It is rumored that Fung Shu is furious with the The Ghost Dragons Gang because they have dared embrace the techniques of the hated Japanese foe of China.

When Fung the Celestial became Dragon Master, he alienated an up and coming leader and brilliant scientist, Dr. Shinn who technically remains part of the gang, but has retreated out of sight.

The headquarters of the gang is in the heart of Chinatown in what looks like a non-descript warehouse. It is noteworthy that Chinese traditionally make the outside of their buildings shabby, in order to divert the gaze of the tax collector, a practice the Golden Dragons have made into an art form.

The opium trade is carried out in what seems to be ordinary businesses in Chinatown, ever since the All Americans sacked the various dedicated opium dens at the turn of the century.

The Jade Tiger crew is led by Uncle Job and his “daughter” the Dragon Lady. They run their operation out of a tiny Chinatown restaurant and run extensive operations in blackmail and extortion.

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