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The Ghost Dragons Gang

The Ghost Dragons are a Chinese gang, but unlike their main rivals the Golden Dragons they incorporate members from any Asian origin.

The Ghost Dragons operate in shadow out of their base of operations in Tricorner. They are mostly made up of unemployed Asian shipbuilders, but several crews exist who have been trained in the ancient Japanese art of Ninjutsu. These black-clad ninja assassins would be considered to be complete urban myths if it weren't for the fact that their existence was outed by the Golden Dragons.

It is thought that the Ghost Dragon ninjas come in two schools, each with their own unique training. These schools operate in Tricorner and the Slaughter Swamp. Their hand-to-hand combat ferocity is legendary, and they have been known to challenge any others in Gotham who might challenge their supreme fighting reputation. Yao Lung is the master teacher (sensei) of both schools, and is nicknamed “The Groom” since he has built his reputation as a master fighter and teacher since his bride was murdered on their wedding night by a Golden Dragon crew.

A crew known as The Gators worked out of a junkyard in the Slaughter Swamp, but they were recently destroyed by Team C of the GCRP. Their specialties were in disposing of bodies and the Filipino martial art of Kali (stick fighting).

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