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The Great Gotham Fire of 1911

  • An important event during the great fire was the destruction of many important genealogical and financial records from the past stored in the archives of Kane Library.
  • The Weavers Union is broken following the tragic deaths of many leaders within the union.
  • In the aftermath of the fire, Kermit Roosevelt, the son of former president Theodore Roosevelt, briefly serves as Commissioner of Public Safety (a combination police and fire commissioner) before quitting in disgust after only a few months, the office being discontinued.
  • The cause of the fire was never discovered. There were rumors of hooded figures performing fiery evil ceremonies in one of the parks the night of the fire. There were also many who ascribed the fire to Shamus O'Toole of the Wound Ravens, a noted pyromaniac. The survivors of the Weaver's Union and the Communists blamed the mill owners.
  • Most historians agree that the fire marked the beginning of the end of The Victorian Legion.
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