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Murphy's Lament

Murphy's Lament is famous for two things: its utter filthiness, and the shear number of murders and beatings committed there over the last year. Murphy himself always is dressed in a wife-beater t-shirt and busted up top hat. You wouldn't use their glasses to serve your worst enemy's syphilitic dog. The liquor doled out to the winos who come in here might as well be kerosene for its nasty awfulness.

The bar was a speak easy, masquerading as a pool hall during Prohibition, the pool tables are still here, but used as drinking tables by bums now.

It's an open secret that this bar is a Wound Raven hang out, they use the less filthy back rooms for nefarious doings.

The bar area was badly scorched when Declan O'Toole threw two hand grenades at some masked vigilantes who went on to beat him senseless and kill some of his henchmen late one February evening in 1934. Most of the customers don't even notice the damage.

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