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Arkham Asylum

The Akham State Sanitarium for the Criminally Insane has been located on Arkham Island since 1894. Different periods and different directors have seen conditions vary from ridiculously lax to insufferable cruel, but the inmates remain a selection of the most dangerous psychopaths New Jersey has to offer.

It's said that even the Gotham gangsters shy away from trying to get their enemies committed here. Rumors swirl that almost every member of the The Victorian Legion may be confined here, some are impossible, but not all.

The current Director is Dr. Henrietta Gluckman a pupil of Simund Freud, who has emigrated from Austria.

Douglas Wickersham is the sanitarium's chief of security who is of questionable sanity himself.

Dr. Wendall Blackman is an honest member of the sanitarium staff, who is finding his new job to be most challenging.

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