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Doctor Valiant

Appearing in Gotham in November 1933, Doctor Timothy Valiant set up a very public office in Old Gotham labelled Universal Rescue. He placed several ads in the papers announcing that he was here to help anyone who was in danger from violent wrong doers–free of charge. In the last few months he and his team have carried out several spectacular victories over crime. Our heroes will have figured that Valiant must be the leader of Team A or Team B of The Restoration Project.

Doctor Valiant is tall and muscular, a soft-spoken but supremely confident man. He is an accomplished scientist and surgeon, and is stronger and faster than seems possible. He's willing to use violence to achieve his aims but avoids killing as much as humanly possible and never carries a gun (the same can't be said of his assistants and guards). Universal Rescue also employs Valiant's four assistants and some trusted guards and private detectives, as well as a recently added costumed vigilante.

The Terrific Four plus one:

And the newest member:

  • The Roachman roach-themed weird-science equipped vigilante recently added to the team
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