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Grampa's Assignment Infinity

The Pitch:

A Savage Worlds campaign idea of like 1950s atomic horror/b-movie action/monster hunter action. Picture flying saucers, invaders from mars, giant insects, mutant critters and such. Just about every single monster in legend exists to one degree or another, but the government has kept it secret because the Lovecraftian gods can project more nasty things into the world the more people actually believe about it. The government has a live and let live attitude towards most monsters that stay hidden, but if they destroy property or kill people then they are eligible for sizable bounties to be destroyed. The bounties drive a private monster hunting industry, which allows private businesses to get licenses which allow them to skirt various laws including being able to own explosives, automatic weapons, and military vehicles to hunt down these rogue monsters. The player characters are a group of these contractors whose job it is to investigate and hunt down these horrors, while also protecting the general civilian population to prevent mass panic.

No Canadians! DLN

I'm not going to lie, the end of MST3K Final Sacrifice where they talk about Zap Rowsdower tv series would make for a funny show. JL

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