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Bounties, Paperwork, and You!

Players will make money via bounties paid by the government. Upon clearing an area of supernatural threats, they are required to call in a Monster Control Board cleaner, as well as provide an after-action report to said team. The monster hunters will be given a cash base amount bounty depending on the creatures defeated (zombies are the lowest base bounty on the list). During the MCB cleaning process, a monster’s remains, residue, ashes, etc, will be taken in and analyzed to determine exactly what kind of creature was killed, as well as any number of other factors or information can be obtained. Once the lab work is complete, further bonuses will given to the monster hunters depending on a number of factors about each individual monster killed (rarity, number of civilians previously killed, general age, etc). In addition, there will be sizable bonuses for magical or technological artifacts turned in, information obtained (in written form or confirmable 2nd hand information in verbal form), magical or technological labs/lairs, as well as for live specimens obtained of new or unusual creatures. However, all of this is dependent on filling out a very basic after-action report. There are also lower level rewards for apprehending living cultists, for questioning by the government and sentencing. This report should provide basic numbers of monsters encountered, abilities observed, tactics, operation of technology of any sort, apparent cooperation of other earthlings, any observations of languages, strengths and weaknesses. Monster hunters must provide these reports before anything beyond the base bounty is paid out. In addition, monster hunters must secure the area around the remains of supernatural threats to prevent the public wandering across/through them.

Monster hunters can hire an NPC secretary/note-taker to handle their paperwork, or even NPC guards/extra guns to help with crowd control/security until the MCB cleaners show up. The MCB is okay with this sort of subcontracting, as long as the hired help have already been vetted.

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