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Dhampyrs are the offspring of a vampire and a human, and only possible in certain settings. Most either serve their dark fathers or mothers—or hunt them for the travesty they inflicted on them.

  • Sense Vampire: With an action Dhampyrs can detect vampires (and other dhampyrs) up to 20 yards distant. If masked by conceal arcana, the dhampyr opposes it with his Notice skill.
  • Sire’s Strength: Dhampyr player characters start with a d6 in Strength rather than a d4.
  • Weakness (Sunlight): Dhampyrs don’t catch fire like vampires, but they do find it extremely uncomfortable. All physical tasks made in sunlight (or UV lighting) are made at –2.

I also wanted to note that, for anybody interested, all other races are allowed (including aliens and robots), as long as they can appear human.

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