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This is a list of the Alien Coalition who are attempting to battle the growing supernatural threat on Earth.

The Super Advanced Planning Protection League of Awesome Ability (Plan 9 From Outer Space)

These aliens are known for having incredibly advanced technology, that they have little knowledge of how it works. Their technology works, but just barely. They love to lord their superior experience in the universe, and vast knowledge, over what they consider to be inferior beings. They are prone to being obnoxious, condescending, and bombastic, and utilizing their technology in overly complicated plans that have nebulous goals. They are ultimately just looking to use the war against the supernatural as an excuse to verbally abuse a planet full of weak and stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid humans.

Metalunans (This Island Earth)

The Metalunans (from the planet Metaluna) are locked in a war with another race called the Zagon. They say they are wanting to protect the universe from the supernatural threat, but in reality they are hoping to loot the Earth of anything that will allow them to break the stalemate of their war at home. Their technology is very advanced, including creating mutants to provide the physical muscle they can’t provide themselves. However, they don’t seem to understand physical violence and believe they can get others to do things just because they said so.

Mectorians (from the Professor Elemental song ‘Mectoria’)

In 1871 Professor Whistlecraft, fearing an imminent invasion of Earth, sent a collective of tiny robots to a nearby planet to intercept alien forces. The planet was ideal, in that it was slightly smaller and had two tea times. But the invasion never came. Abandoned by their master, the robotic population there flourished going on to become the glorious world of Mectoria. Mectorians are a territorial group of highly advanced, tiny, clockwork and steam powered robots. They would be a force to reckoned with in the galaxy, and could probably solve the supernatural issues on Earth, except for one thing: Their people are seldom united towards any single idea. Thus, it isn’t entirely uncommon for them to engage in anything ranging from spirited debates to slapstick fights in order to come up with a course of action. Their technology is superior to nearly any other force in the coalition, but their actions often devolve into chaos.

Spankees (Mars Attacks Martians and infamous grays)

The only race from the same solar system as Earth, these aliens merely joined the coalition in order to scout out Earth’s military defenses and cause as much havoc as possible. They’re loud, violent, and love to use their mental powers to screw with inferior beings. Their technology includes armored atmospheric suits (since they can’t tolerate the earth’s atmosphere for long periods of time), highly destructive ray guns, and a gas which causes earth insects to become giant ravening monsters. Their plans usually involved maximum damage, panic, and generally just being unpleasant.

The Ancient Inca Aztec Gods of the Andes

The Ancient Inca Aztec Gods of the Andes are a galactic powerhouse, who have who have used their massive technological, financial, and military advantages over the bulk of the universe to become a multi-sensory entertainment provider. Earth has been a favorite target of one of their 'reality' shows, known roughly as “Primitive Dopes”. Using technology so advanced as to appear magical, they will find a real knucklehead jerk (or the offspring of a knucklehead jerk), imbue them with powers far beyond the ken of normal humanity, inform them through some sort of 'prophet' (who is often a creation of the gods themselves) they are 'The Chosen One', and then unleash them on the primitive world. All the while using their technology to film his clumsy, often annoying, exploits. The program is so popular with the universe that The Ancient Inca Aztec Gods of the Andes have been filming it for tens of thousands of seasons. They are assisting with fighting the supernatural on Earth partly to protect one of their most prominent filming locations, but mostly because it might make for an interesting new programs.

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