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Campaign Specific Rules

  • Ammunition: since the weight of a significant supply of bullets has been included in the Encumbrance value of the guns, we will not track ammunition use. Instead, if a natural “1” is rolled on the shooting die, you have run out of bullets or jammed the gun and must spend a full turn to clear the gun, otherwise you are assumed to be reloading the gun while moving etc. If the Wild Die scores a hit when the gun runs out of bullets, the hit happens before the gun runs out. A natural 1 on the shooting die may not be re-rolled for any reason. On a critical failure (both wild die and shooting die get a 1), the character has shot away all his bullets for that gun, and must re-supply before using it again.
  • Non Lethal Weapons: fists, billy clubs, blackjacks, brass knuckles and staffs can, under the rules as written be used as non-lethal weapons without penalty. For this campaign, these particular weapons will automatically be considered to be used in a non-lethal fashion unless specifically declared to be used in a lethal manner. All other melee weapons follow the rules as written.
  • Build Points At Character Creation, each player will receive 6 attribute build points, instead of the normal 5, and will begin with 20 XP.
  • Born a Hero: from p108 of rule book, optional rule allows characters to take edges or powers, ignoring the rank requirement, during character generation only.

Removed the edge restrictions. Most of the stuff I didn't think there would be a problem with. JL

I added the build points settings from Pulp. AHS

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