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Savage Space Bastards

This is the wiki for the Savage Space Bastards Campaign.

Campaign Start

The campaign will begin in the Thrandor Sector of the Union of Galactic Humanity (U.G.H.), which borders the Forbidden Zone and the Frontier. The Space Bastards will have inherited control of Bastard Station, a free-standing ancient space station which, through some legal loopholes involved in its founding charter is very difficult for the authorities to investigate. The station is in rather poor condition, but needn't remain that way.

The Space Bastards

Bastard Fleet

Campaign Logs

Welcome to the Slice

Mankind has been expanding into the galaxy for uncounted centuries, and it first it was under the unifying governance of the United World Alliance. However, that government grew to be inefficient and unwieldy due to both its size and its ossifying bureaucratic structure. Several centuries ago, a civil war erupted, splintering the UWA into a plethora of smaller states.

This campaign is set in one such state, known as the Union of Galactic Humanity (U.G.H.) which reaches from a set of ancient, wealthy Core Planets to the Frontier of known space. Because of its wedge-like shape, it is colloquially known as 'The Slice.“ It is bordered by 2 very similar polities–The Galactic Union of Humanity (G.U.H.), and the Human Union for the Galaxy (H.U.G.). All three states have almost identical government and economic structures, based on the bureaucratic ideals of the UWA.

There are two other states in the galactic region: The Fleet Invincible, founded by an admiral of the old U.W.A. navy and the Renegades, founded by refugees from various defeated factions from the civil war. Both of these states and their inhabitants are called “barbarians” by the three more traditional states.

Within the borders of the U.G.H. is an area known as The Forbidden Zone from which entry is prohibited on pain of death. The story being that this region saw heavy fighting, with the use of dangerous A.I. and biological weapons and is far too dangerous for good citizens to ever enter.

Just beyond the Core Planets lies a depopulated area known as The Lost Zone, that holds a large number of completely abandoned worlds. It is not forbidden to go there; it is just that there is little reason to do so. Reasons for this abandonment are a bit foggy.

The outer two lines of sectors of the UGH are known as the Frontier. These sectors are under the authority of the UGH Star Navy and have a sparse population.

Beyond the Frontier is the Out Beyond. The worlds and inhabitants of these untamed wilds have not been surveyed or cataloged for many centuries, if ever.

Campaign Details

Character Creation

Character creation for this campaign follows the standard Savage Worlds Deluxe rulebook (SWD) with the changes as outlined in the Savage Space Bastards Player's Guide.

Find a campaign pitch for this game here.


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