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Shield Lands Wiki

Here's our initial wiki for our Shield Lands campaign set in GreyHawk with DLN Rampage rules.

Campaign Setting Information

Paths to Adventure

As the game progresses, players may choose from the following list of locations to explore and find adventure.

  • The Fallen Feifdom of Petestone - Lord Petestone the Holy has ruled this feif in exile since his father before him was found murdered. It is located adjacent to the Great Rift Canyon. Lord Holmer the Earl of Walworth has decreed that this land should be reclaimed for the shieldlands. Lord Petestone wishes to see his family's hold deep within the Trimarch recovered, and promises the adventurers a title and a claim to Petestone Keep if they can win the area back from the dark forces that have taken it over.
  • Vengeance for the Blue Damsel The people in the Trimarch tell the tale that the ghost of Lady Violette of Blue Skies, who was betrayed and destroyed by filthy Hoborgs. Do our heroes dare seek the ghost and discover her tale and avenge her, quite possibly saving the Shield Lands in the process?
  • For the Future of Bromley! Baron Zander of Bromley has big plans to expand (or rather restore) his fiefdom by any means necessary. Do you want to get in on the ground floor?

Game Information

Our Heroes

Campaign Records

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