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Falcone Family

Vinnie "The Chopper" Falcone was a captain in one of the New York mafia families sent to Gotham during Prohibition to oversee liquor smuggling through the port. He created a new, efficient gang that was very profitable. When the East Siders Italian gang (known to the new gangs as the “Mustache Petes) refused to join the national mafia organization, the Falcone crew was promoted to a Family and their boss was given joint authority with their rivals the Maronis. The Falcone Family is closely allied with the Sons of David gang.

At first Falcone and Maroni were violent adversaries, but with the advent of Lucky Luciano's national Mafia Commission, the two crews were promoted to families and ordered to make peace. Since then, the two groups of mobsters have brokered an uneasy truce, dividing up ”territory“ throughout Gotham.

The Falcone Territory is centered in Little Italy, and that's where their headquarters building, the New York - Gotham Accounting Services, is located. With the collapse of bootlegging, the Falcones are focussing on subverting unions, government contract ripoff, and muscling business. They are pushing big time into taking over the fashion district and use their extensive city hall influence to get money from other gangs for political favors. Although, their push into the fashion district was recently dealt a severe blow when Gino “The Porcupine” DeLeone and his crew were wiped out by masked vigilantes.

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