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Criminal Prosecution

Violators of city ordinances and state criminal code in the city limits of Gotham are prosecuted by the District Attorney for Gotham who is a tool of the mayor. The current DA is Chance Elliot a relative of the The Elliot Family. The City Courthouse Security is handled by the police department. There are 6 City Judges who rotate between criminal and civil cases. In rare cases, the mayor may be asked to provide an alternate special prosecutor from Trenton to provide a level of “impartiality”, usually someone with impeccable credentials like Nathan Nightly.

Violators of Federal Law are investigated by the FBI Office and occasionally by the Federal Marshals both of whom are located in the small federal courthouse. In this period of time, offenses must be clearly interstate in nature or involve federal property before the federal law enforcement is permitted to be involved. Special Agent Randal Coopersmith is in charge of the small FBI office. Senior Deputy Marshal Paul Mangano is in charge of the marshals, who mainly guard the courthouse and transport prisoners, but sometimes track federal fugitives. A circuit judge holds federal trials every few months at the Gotham federal courthouse, prosecuted by a deputy US Attorney from the Trenton office. Most federal offenders waive their right to be tried in the district they offended and are quickly moved to Trenton.

Law Firms

There are many law firms in the city, handling criminal defense, business contracts and civil suits. They often employ Private Detectives of various sort to do their leg work.

  • Baker and Lee is the most respected firm in town and refuses to knowingly work for the criminal underworld.
  • Wilson, Polaski and Associates was mostly involved in criminal defense for the highest bidder and was up to its neck in corruption, until its destruction in June 1934.
  • Remo Universal is a strange firm that rolls its considerable profits from bankruptcy practice into pro bono defense for the poor.
  • Stuart Barratry & Associates is an overly officious law firm famous for instigating and encouraging prosecution of groundless litigation and regularly bring persistent litigation against large moneyed interests for the purposes of profit or harassment.
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