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Doctor Mind

The accomplished hypnotist and occultist, and native of Gotham, Barnabas Cobblepot joined The Victorian Legion under the code name Doctor Mind. He proved to be an asset to the group with his mind reading and persuasion powers. He was able to break open cases or find the mastermind behind any plot just by engaging with bad guys in conversation.

Doctor Mind's greatest nemesis was the criminal known as Code Breaker, another mentalist who grew rich by enslaving the minds of the weak-willed but well-heeled in Gotham. In one incident, Code Breaker managed to harness the wills of the entire All Americans gang for a time and unite them against the Victorian Legion. Only the quick thinking of Captain Hero and the considerable iron will of Doctor Mind managed to break the villain's scheme but not before starting a gang war and escaping after a robbery spree throughout Old Gotham.

Later he was thrown out of the legion in disgrace after it was found that he was using his powers to coerce young boys to engage in inappropriate sexual activities with him. He was shunned by his family and forced to live in Arkham Asylum to atone for his deviance.

He was released from the asylum in the late 1920's and now lives in seclusion in a run-down farmhouse in Bristol County.

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