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The Disciples of the Bound Devil

The Disciples of the Bound Devil is a cult of fanatics which dates from the days of the American Revolution. The rumor is that a bat-demon was summoned and bound beneath Gotham by certain Patriot leaders in order to help the cause. The demon is said to be able to exert psychic influence over those who come too close to his prison, and such people likely join the deranged cult set on releasing him from his long imprisonment.

Active members of the cult have been seen performing profane ceremonies, committing crimes and public atrocities, but those captured don't admit to a human leader only the Bound Devil who reveals himself in their dreams.

Perhaps more disturbing than the cult members are the so-called “burn-outs”. Occasionally ordinary citizens disappear for several days, only to come back mumbling and stumbling about, muttering a few words here and there about the devil. They don't recognize familiar people and places, and at random times go into berserk rages clawing and biting anyone near them. These wretches usually end up in Arkham Asylum.

By leveraging the wealth of the All Americans gang, and the scientific knowledge of Jimmy Manchester these cultists were able to weaponize an elixir made of Radioactive Libyan Gravedust Isotope and a rare fungus named Plotwisticum to control the behavior of those exposed.

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