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Here are the session logs for the Wilderlands of Hack Campaign

wilderlands_1.pdf Running with Jimmy: the party saves Little Jimmy from Natchai Cultists in Viridistan

wilderlands_2.pdf This isn't our first rodeo: Delivering horses to Millo Fortress

wilderlands_3.pdf Marlon's Got This: looting the tomb of Aphet Ga, in the cavern of endless scarabs

wilderlands_4.pdf A Shopping Trip to the Big House: how much trouble can a wizard and a mystic get into in 10 days in the big city?

wilderlands_5.pdf Charmed to Death (Harpy Hunt part one): party searches for harpies, finds jerks.

wilderlands_6.pdf The Charm is on the Other Foot (Harpy Hunt part two): party finds and kills harpies

wilderlands_7.pdf Scouting the Graveyard (Starblossom Quest part one): party is hired for solstice harvest

wilderlands_8.pdf The Crevasse of the Red Lemming Cult (B-team interlude): jellies and wizards vs B-team

wilderlands_9.pdf Achieving the Starblossom (Starblossom Quest part two): Druids are useful in woods

wilderlands_10.pdf Friary of the Scuttling Frescoes: (B-team rides again)

wilderlands_11.pdf Trouble Down Stairs Yul and Tarvindulus discover dungeon beneath home

wilderlands_12.pdf Trouble Down Stairs part 2, Mister X returns to join second trip to dungeons

wilderlands_13.pdf The Temple of the Buff Apron: The B-team steals a valuable Rod.

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