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Slaughter Swamp

While it is most famous for the Legend of Solomon Grundy, Slaughter Swamp is less a wild zone than it is a dumping group. The city dump is here as are a few businesses of an especially smelly nature. Some desperate but industrious folk sift through the dump for salvageable goods.

The Ghost Dragons are the undisputed master of this place. Somewhere in this district is a Secret Dojo where many of the gangsters are taught to fight. Over there years, the Ghost Dragons have been known to host underground prize fights amid the muck and garbage of the swamp. Only the most talented hand-to-hand fighters throughout Gotham are invited to participate.

There are rumors about a secret laboratory run by an intelligent monster who looks like a human-shaped pile of leaves. He is usually referred to as Dr. Swampo. The only witnesses have been hobos and derelicts, so not much credence is placed in the story, besides a sensational piece in the Gotham Bugle.

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