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Session Logs

After action reports of the game sessions

Session 1 - The Saviors Soaring: The team fights counterfeiters and the Roachman

Session 2 - Fashionably Dead: The team fights the Mafia and the Communists to save the leaders of the Fashion District

Session 3 - The Volunteer Girl: Her role in the science was significantly different than she thought

Session 4 -The Fall of Cobbelpot Tower: Gangsters destroy a building as part of a grand real estate swindle, they can't be allowed to succeed

Session 5 - Ice of Night: The heroes race to prevent a conspiracy before it’s too late

Session 6 - The Book of Frankenstein: Nazis and Cultists vie for possession of the secret super science manual of Doctor Victor Frankenstein

Session 7 - Dagon's Best: Sister Maria is killed fighting over gold and fish

Session 8 - Bodycount: A kidnapping with a ransom turns out to be a quick way to raise capital for a larger plot that is already underway

Session 9 - The Doom that Took Grimsby: The Victorian Legion had defeated a supernatural horror 36 years ago, but it didn't stay defeated

Session 10 - Queen of Fate: A mystery woman plots to assassinate one of Gotham's most important families

Session 11 - Fall of 'A' House of Pleasance: Our heroes must keep a building full of monsters from exploding

Session 12 - Best Served Hot: An arsonist supervillain seeks revenge against the team. R.I.P. Puma Man

Session 13 - A Day of Rabid Contempt: Gotham’s villainous gangs, sensing that their way of life is in peril take desperate steps to remain in business

Session 14 - The Father, Son and Holy Ghost: The complete defeat and destruction of the Wound Ravens gang is soured by the death of Sweater Vest and eight henchmen

Session 15 - Death Race 34: The team extracts Dr. Maelstrom from Mexico and rushes to stop Dr. Shinn's evil scheme in a climax in which Ramrod is slain

Session 16 - Vintage Flayings: The team glimpses the apocalyptic far future of 1968 only to return to fix the past

Session 17 - Creeping Doom of the Immortal: The team saves Gotham from the zombie apocalypse

Session 18 - I hate New Jersey Nazis…and Crab People: The Philosophical Ascent to Atlantis activates a teleportation device sending the team to an abandoned Atlantean base full of Crab People

Session 19 - Where I Wanna Be, She May Be: The team defeats the Philosophical Ascent to Atlantis once and for all

Session 20 - All Your Base: Team C defends their base against a full on assault from the forces of the underworld

Session 21 - The Committee: The heroes learn the truth behind the Gotham City Restoration Project

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