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The Coventry Catacombs

During the Gotham land boom of the 1850's, space was needed for new cemeteries in town and land prices were high. So tunnels were dug beneath the current graveyards in the Coventry District. These tunnels and grave chambers saw heavy use in the late 1800's but were eventually sealed up and fell out of use. They still wait there, however, and the tunnels often open up in strange places such as the subway and the odd basement speak-easy.

One section of the catacombs are opened for gawking tourists. Joe Wiggins, a freak-show owner from the Amusement Mile, bought an abandoned church and churchyard in Coventry and broke open the entrance to the catacombs. He shored up a section of tunnels for safety and charges a nickel a head for a look-see.

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