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Amusement Mile

Currently Gotham's largest entertainment district, various mid-range and high-end shops and theatres line this section of the street. Every square inch is occupied by retail, restaurants, museums, theatres and hotels. To date, rent on Amusement Mile is one of the most expensive in the country.

Following the Great Fire of 1911, the convenience of mass transit including subways and bridges supported a retail corridor on the North side of the city. By the 1920s, commuter suburbs began to have significant retail districts. With the opening of the Robert Kane Memorial Bridge, the North side went wild with commercial success.

Of course, this section of town has fallen on hard times just like all the others with the financial crash. Many entertainments and hotels have closed. The Amusement Mile relies on tried-and-true vaudeville acts to cater to the older well to do crowds who commute from the suburbs.

Landmarks include the architectural marvel that is the Allentown Hotel located toward the West end of the district as well as the world-famous Drake Hotel that lords over the East end. Other well-known buildings include the Woman’s Athletic Club and the beautiful Ninth Presbyterian Church.

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