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The Book of Frankenstein

This book was edited together from the laboratory notes of Dr. Victor Frankenstein by a certain Franz Dorfmann in the early 19th century. There exists only 1 manuscript which was stored in the Kane Library in Gotham City for the last 4 decades. It is said to contain much information useful for bio-electrical work in the super sciences that can be found nowhere else.

When various parties attempted to steal the book, the Gotham City Restoration Project, in close alliance with Kermit Roosevelt attempted to have it spirited out of town, only to see it intercepted by mercenaries working for Philosophical Ascent to Atlantis. It was then handed over to Nazi agents working for Baron Stahl and thereafter recovered by Our heroes, Team C of the Project. It was last seen in the hands of Mr. Roosevelt, its current location unknown to anyone but he.

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