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House Rules

Lords of Hack Initiative

Initiative is determined each and every round by the draw of an Uno card. The cards are numbered 0-12 (“skip” = 10, “reverse” = 11, “draw two” = 12) and are different colors. The higher the number goes first, and then for same numbers the turn goes in order of the visual spectrum, that is ROYGBIV. If a card with a number BELOW the initiative modifier of the player character or monster is dealt, another will be dealt until one that is high enough appears. Any followers go with the PC that is their patron, regardless of whether there is a disparity in their initiative bonus. Only the bonus of the PC matters. Two wild cards are in the deck as well. They always go first, and the player who draws it gains inspiration that must be taken that round or it is lost. After a round where the wild is dealt, the deck is reshuffled for the next round.

Character Advancement

All player characters will advance a level every third game after reaching 3rd level.

  • Session 0-1: First Level
  • Session 2-3: Second Level
  • Session 4-6: Third Level
  • Session 7-9: Fourth Level
  • Session 10-12: Fifth Level
  • Session 13-15: Sixth Level
  • Session 16-18: Seventh Level
  • Session 19+: Eighth Level

Playable Races

Stick to the races available in Greyhawk Canon.

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