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Eldritch Earth: Five Hacks Deep

Set in an alternate earth, the heroes create their own expeditions to leave small pockets of safety to explore a wilderness dotted with the horrors and riches of a decadent, fallen civilization. This Lords of Hack 5e/OSR crossover game aims to embrace a "Western Marches" style of play. We hope to use the skeleton of the 5e open-source ruleset, overlaid with the OSR goodness of Five Torches Deep along with our own house rules sprinkled on top for a middle ages “chivalry and sorcery” feel.

The Campaign

The Campaign Setting

This campaign is set in a world we will call “Eldritch Earth” that is a parallel to our own world in the 12th century. Everything in Europe, Asia and Africa is just like our world. However, many of the mythic elements of antiquity are in fact real and the Americas are discovered and colonized much earlier.

Character Generation

Players may create a hero from a number of heritages and choose from one of fifteen archetypes to create their character.

Custom Rules

While this campaign will stay true to a core mechanic that is nearly identical to 5e, this game includes some new crunchy rules particularly around spellcasting and combat.

Social Contract

Please reference the Lords of Hack Manifesto for details of the social contract for this campaign.

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