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 +=====THE REALM=====
 +Across the known world, the cities and farms of mankind are loosely united in a great kingdom known as the Realm. ​ Founded by King Karl the Good, millennia ago, it was founded to combat the bubbling chaos of the Underworld and its horrific minions. ​ Today, it is the structural framework on which life is lived.
 +The central lands of the Realm are the broad, fertile plains of Karlsland with its many cities, towns and estates. ​  The king rules most of Karlsland directly, making a circuit with his court through the royal estates and Royal Chartered cities. ​ This is only a small part of the Realm. ​ The rest of the Realm is divided into Principalities and Dukedoms, ruled by Princes or Dukes who answer only the King himself. ​ The task of these nobles is to protect their subjects from all threats, but they are mighty and proud, warring with each other on occasion, in addition to fighting chaos.
 +The Grand Book of King Karl is an ancient tome that exists in countless copies in every city and noble capital across the Realm. ​ It contains “The Law” and all are bound by its wisdom. ​ Schools of lawyers exist in all great cities practicing and interpreting its many regulations.
 +  * [[Precedence|Precedence]]
 +  * [[Dukedoms and Principalities|Dukedoms and Principalities]]
 +  * [[Baronies and Lordships|Baronies and Lordships]]
 +  * [[Villages, Towns and Cities|Villages,​ Towns and Cities]]
 +  * [[Taxation|Taxation]]
 +  * [[Knights and Knighthood|Knights and Knighthood]]
 +  * [[Magic Guilds|Magic Guilds]]
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