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Thranconia Hack

A campaign for the ancient, mystic and venerable Lords of Hack game club. Principal Referee and campaign author is the ancient, mystic and venerable David L. Nelson.

Set in the Dukedom of Thranconia and the nearby wilderness of the Great Vale valley, the players seek their fortunes as the doddering Duchess Wilhelmina Pettibarn reaches her 93rd year and her grandsons itch for her death and as nefarious forces take advantage of the weakness of her rule.

The game will use the Blueholme Journeymanne rules as a base. Blueholme is a modern clone of Eric Holmes' first D&D Basic set from 1977, itself a simplified, clarified form of Original D&D, and predates AD&D first edition. I will be adding some rules changes (mostly to make fighters' lives more interesting) and adding some more gear and adjusting some prices for maintenance, henchmen and troops (somethings more expensive, some less. I will also clarify and expand a few things that Blueholme deliberately left in the hands of the DM.

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