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During the late 19th century, the area achieved remarkable industrial, cultural, and economic growth, and local businesses thrived. Wealthy Gothamites built shore-side mansions. German immigrant, chemist Charles Krouthammer founded Krouthammer Pharmaceutical in Otisburg which retains an industrial plant there today.

The population was at first heavily German but many Jews came to the area when the nearby bridges were completed. Otisburg is a financial hub rivaling the Financial District with two major community banks: the Otisburg Savings Bank (chartered 1851) and its rival the Dime Savings Bank of Otisburg.

The Daily Tribune and The Gotham Bugle have their offices and presses in Otisburg.

Despite the large German population, the Irish Wound Ravens gang is the most influential criminal outfit in this district.

I figure Otisburg is a stand-in for the Williamsburg area of Manhattan

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