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Gotham's media organizations are mostly controlled by members of The Elliot Family, with a few exceptions.


The principal radio stations in town are WGOT (an NBC affiliate) and WHAM (a CBS affiliate). These are high-powered stations delivering national programming. Although, it is the case that in the early 1930's radio does not broadcast much in the way of news, apart from occasional bulletins, since news is left to the papers. In addition to the two big stations, there are about a half-dozen low power independent stations in town.


The Gotham Gazette: is the principal serious news paper in town, putting out a morning and evening edition. The Daily Tribune: is the main competitor to the Gazette The Gotham Bugle: is a sensational tabloid, considerably popular, but with a poor reputation. The Herald: an older paper that's fallen on hard times, has switched to the tabloid format in a bid to compete with the Bugle. There are many freelance photographers, such as Chester Figg and stringers feeding material to all the papers.

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