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When prohibition ended, many criminal gangs across the country suddenly found themselves without a ready source of easy money. In Gotham City, this took a particularly sinister turn. The gangs ramped up their level of violence against ordinary citizens and the few functioning civic institutions and businesses.

One response to this crisis was the mysterious Gotham City Restoration Project who began to recruit vigilantes to combat the rising criminal tide. Even the vigilantes themselves know very little about their sponsors, meeting only a single emissary, who goes by the name Mr. Cheavers.

As the new year of 1934 starts, several vigilante heroes recruited into the project open up shop and make their mark putting an end to crime in the mean streets.

Since we're starting in Jan 2017, we can roughly synch our game month/day with the real-life month/day, can't we? Sure, why not? I have some 1 page calendars printed out.

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