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Buck Greasely

Buck Greasely is a vile little man who is locally a very well known figure. He can be found almost anywhere at almost any hour. He wears a dirty suit, with a dirty hat and raincoat. He carries his own camera and often rudely snaps pictures even in the middle of an interview. He has a story on the front page of the Gotham Bugle nearly every other day, and they're always dynamite. He lives in a grubby apartment in Old Gotham.

Greasely was traumatized in January 1934 when a truck, driven by a crazed terrorist, clipped him and killed a photographer standing right next to him at the Myrtle May's!! massacre, barreling forward to explode nearby, killing 3 policemen in front of his eyes. Greasely blames masked vigilantes, and opium-drugged Chinese, for the death and havoc.

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