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Blanchaven Isle became part of Gotham city in the late 19th century when all of the city was incorporated under a single authority. The island started as a whaling outpost, where the carcasses of the giant animals were transformed into good for sale to the mainland. The town has generally had a poor socioeconomic populace, owing in part to failed efforts to transform itself into a manufacturing and shipping center. Culturally and financially, the citizens of Gotham City look down on the yokels who come from Blanchaven. The Free Men mob dominates this district, protected by endemic police corruption.

The Lumiere, a popular grand movie theatre (also called a “picture palace”) throughout the 1920s. Until recently, it has been a point of pride and celebration for of the youth of Blanchaven. It has recently been shuttered by the efforts of the older generation protesting the “lascivious moving pictures” because of the way it depicts women dancing and wearing men's garb. Consequently, the youth of Blanchaven have taken to starting their own youth gangs and “apprenticing” with the Free Men.

One urban legend surrounding Blanchaven Island are the Swish Plops. These are people or creatures unknown who are blamed for mysterious murders on the island.

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