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The Arts

Gotham has a thriving artistic community, albeit one that is even more unemployed and desperate than before the financial collapse.

  • Individual artists can be found in abundance in Gotham Village.
  • The Greater Gotham Opera Company is world-famous and its opera house is an important landmark for the city as a whole and Little Italy in particular.
  • WGOT radio original comedy show Cheeseball Eddie is broadcast nationally.
  • The jazz crooner Peggy Mays and her trio is a favorite of the nightclub scene.
  • Cubist painter and sculptor Pablo Muchacho has caused great uproar in the community with his surrealist and pornographic imagery despite all the artistic acclaim.
  • There are small but valuable private art collections held by the wealthy of Gotham, but during The Roaring 20's a new city gallery was started in Gotham Proper. The project was never finished because the construction stopped when the city ran out of money. Many believe that the money was lost to embezzlement and graft, while others blamed local donors for not following up on their financial commitments.
  • There is an art gallery in Robison Park, dedicated to local arts of good repute. It's called the Robinson Museum and is still struggling through despite financial pressure.
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