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1—MAP SCALE 1 inch on main map will equal 15 miles.

Each piece of 8.5 x11 paper will be approximately 21,000 square miles which equals:

  • One half of Pennsylvania
  • Twice the size of either Wales, Normandy, Belgium or New Jersey
  • Slightly smaller than West Virginia or Lithuania

So, the typical sheet could hold somewhere between 1 and 4 duchies or principalities.


  • Hamlets have a population of less than 200 people—will not appear on main map
  • Villages have a population of 200-900 people—will not appear on main map
  • Towns have a population of 1-9 thousand people (but mostly 1-6 thousand)—will appear on main map as a solid dot.
  • Cities have a population of 10-60 thousand people—will appear on main map as a dot surrounded by a circle.
  • Castles: population is included in the countryside population—will appear on main map as a circle with a cross inside
  • Countryside Population: each square mile of settled, farmed countryside contains 50 people. This population includes hamlets, villages and castle population, but not town or city population.
  • Wilderness Population: each square mile of Wilderness should have between 1 and 10 people (or elves, orcs etc).


As a general rule the population breaks down as follows:

  • 1% Knights—fighters of level 2-7 (half level 2, the rest random)
  • 4% Soldiers—full time soldiers, usually garrison or guards of important places, all are fighter class, most are level 1, but many could be higher
  • 20% Militia—the respectable adult men in the town, most are normal men, some may be fighters, as area, traditions and conditions allow. In towns and cities they make up the Night Watch, and are trained to man the walls during attacks. In the country they are the posse called upon to defend villages and hunt down outlaws
  • 4% Dirtbags—thieves, conmen, beggars, drunks, smugglers and the rest
  • 1% Specials—wizards, priests, shape-shifters and other powerful weirdos. This percentage is halved in the countryside.
  • 70% Others—women, children old folks


  • Inns: Village 0-1, Town 1d3, City 2d6
  • Tavern: Village 0-1, Town 1d6, City 3d6
  • Temple: Village 0-1, Town 1d4-1 (at least 1), City 4+1d8
  • Blacksmith: Village 0-1, Town twice # of armorers, City twice # of armorers
  • Armorers: Village: 0, Town: 1 per 50 soldiers/knights, City 1 per 50 soldiers/knights plus 2d10
  • Alchemist: Village 0, Town 0-1, City 1d4
  • Herbalist: Village 0-1, Town 1d4-1, City 1d6
  • Building Company: Village 0, Town 1d4-2, City 1d6
  • Mage Guild: Village 0, Town 0-1, City 2
  • Gang: Village 0-1, Town 1-2, City 2d6
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