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 +====== St. Mark's Church ======
 +[[the crowbar|Pastor Steubens]] leads [[St. Mark's Church]], located in the bowels of the [[Coventry]] district of Gotham that is dedicated to a better life for its parishioners. ​ It has made strides toward those goals by building a soup kitchen and helping to educate those needy who want to move up into better-paying jobs because of the patronage of a powerful "​mask"​. ​ The young ladies of the church all swoon, and the church leaders have nothing but good news to say about their mask who goes by the name of  "[[The Crowbar]]",​ but the skill and power that "The Crowbar"​ exhibits makes St. Mark's both a haven for those who want to do good, as well as a target for those who want to show that they can take on "​masks"​ and win.  ​
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