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Sons of David

The Sons of David are a notoriously violent gang in Gotham made up of mostly Jewish members along with some Italian members. They became famous for the vicious murder of gamblers and gangsters who dared to cross them. Many times, the deaths of these enemies were from being tortured to death, rather than quick clean deaths due to shootings or stabbings.

Stimulated by the economic opportunities of the roaring twenties and later, prohibition, The Sons of David controll a wide range of criminal enterprises, including bootlegging, loansharking, gambling, and bookmaking centered around the Diamond District, the Fashion District, and the Financial District. For a street-level gang, they are smaller but more organized than others gangs which adds to their reputation.

Their current leadership is quite elderly. The gang's Chairman, Isidore Mandelbaum is 75 years old and was a young tough when the gang was founded in 1880. His cousins Samuel and Moses are the gang's Secretary and Treasurer, and are even older than the boss.

One crew in the Sons of David call themselves Murder & Associates, as if they were a mock law firm. This particular crew is notorious for putting out extremely messy and violent hits. Their strength and precision rivals that of the now defunct Victorian Legion which leads many in the underworld to believe that the “law firm” of Murder & Associates is made up of one or more “masks” as well.

Another crew is Wiseport Consulting which is a high-stakes loan shark outfit, preying on desperate businessmen. It is run by Manny Wiseport an elderly mastermind in the gang.

Activities of the Sons of David fuels antisemitism and deeply concerns the Jewish community of Gotham. Jewish organized crime is used by antisemites and anti-immigration supporters as arguments to bolster their agenda.

There have been times that the Temple Shalom Gotham has sheltered members of the gang, and other times they have given particularly heinous members up to the authorities. The choices made by the elders depends on what is good for the members of the Jewish community as a whole.

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