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 +=====Pietro "The Mustache"​ Torelli=====
 +Energetic Boss of the [[east_siders|The East Siders Gang]] gang,  Pete Torelli is attempting to get the gang back on its feet after loosing so much ground to the [[falcone_family|Falcone Family]] and especially the [[moroni_family|Moroni Family]]. ​  He is seeking alliances with any non-Italian gang he can to make a move on the Moronis as soon as he is able.   His money-making enterprises right now are traditional protection, gambling and prostitution,​ but he is considering breaking into Bank Robbery in a big way to make quick cash for his Moroni vendetta. ​  Pete is very decisive, clear thinking and not governed by his emotions. ​ He is just as cruel as he needs to be, no more, no less.  However, he has a very narrow focus, all he can see is the rise of the gang.
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