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In the late summer of 1933, a single public meeting was held in the Elliot Auditorium of Gotham University sponsored by the Gotham City Restoration Project. A non-descript business man (apparently) by the name of Mr. Cheavers conducted the meeting, allowing citizens from all walks of life and all districts of the city air their complaints and possible solutions for the ongoing city crime crisis. Cheavers said thank you, after 5 hours, and departed, never to be heard from again by the general public.

Early in 1934, teams of vigilantes began to appear. In one news report in the tabloid Gotham Bugle a reporter claimed that one of the vigilantes revealed that his group was sponsored by the Gotham City Restoration Project. However, after a police investigation and attempts by reporters from more legitimate news papers failed to confirm the story, the connection has been dismissed by the authorities and general public.

Tales of an “indestructible dog” were associated with the vigilantes, but never independently confirmed.

The vigilantes, of course, themselves know that they work for the Project. They are given instructions and intelligence by Mr. Cheavers directly, but he always responds to requests by writing them down and saying that he must “report to the Committee.” The vigilantes have no further information about the Committee. Deliveries of material to the teams are by a man named Rufus Merriwhether, who will give no further information other than the delivery invoices with Mr. Cheavers' name at the top. By examining the invoices, our heroes discover that they are designated “Team C”. They surmise that the do-gooders led by Doctor Valiant are Team A or Team B.

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