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Hans Gruberman

Dr. Hans Gruberman is the head of a group dedicated to the study of the lost secrets of Atlantis and the use of these secrets to blaze the way to a new, better future. His actual job at the Univerity is as the Head of the Psychology Department, holding the Barnabas Cobblepot Chair in mental science.

Dr. Gruberman speaks with a thick German accent, wears shabby tweeds, and is completely insufferable to talk to. Whatever the subject of the conversation, you can expect him to say “Vell, in ATLANTIS, zey did it a completely different vay….” and drone on and on for an interminable length. As a public speaker, however, he is quite brilliant and eagerly listened to by all manner of people. He lives in a modest apartment near the university.

Our heroes, Team C of the Project have discovered that Gruberman is involved with Nazi espionage and also has developed dangerous Atlantean Mentalism powers.

The hatred between Gruberman and Dr Henrietta Gluckman, who is the head of Arkham Asylum is legendary. He commonly refers to her as a “kavak” (I.e. a quack).

On October 1, 1934, Team C abducts Dr. Gruberman, having destroyed his NAZI cell.

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