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 +=====Diamond Jack Flanagan=====
 +Diamond Jack Flanagan is a professional gambler, "​owner"​ of [[filbert_s_shipping|Filbert'​s Shipping Warehouse]] the illegal casino in [[crime_alley|Crime Alley]], and crew chief of the Slick 14's crew of [[wound_ravens|The Wound Ravens]].
 +He is a major earner for the Ravens and has a lot of pull in the gang.  However, he doesn'​t like getting his hands dirty with anything other than gambling and spreads money around to other crews to get them to do his dirty work and to pile up favors. ​ He is however terrified that [[totally_mental_mcmurray|Totally Mental McMurray]] will turn on him, and has numerous escape plans, stashes and safe houses prepared.
 +Diamond Jack nurses a strong hatred for 2 men, and acting against them is probably the only time he'd like to take direct violent action with his own hands. ​  One is [[earl_atkins|Earl Atkins]] of the [[all_americans|All Americans]] gang, who has robbed him on numerous occasions. ​  The other is [[hedley_lamarre_iii|Hedley Lamarre III]], the city relief commissioner who had Jack's mother'​s house condemned and bulldozed (possibly at the orders of the [[falcone_family|Falcone Family]], possibly for his own crooked real estate scheme).  ​
 +Jack is friendly, sociable, but never lets a sucker get away without a good fleecing.  ​
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