The Saga of the Knights of Henry II

Prolog: "The Battle Of Mushroom Gulch"
Wherein Sheriff Donovan and his posse manage to capture a noteworthy Grundorian on the planet of New Pecos.

Session 1: "Return to Mushroom Gulch"
Wherein the heroes solve a mystery left in the wake of Mushroom Gulch, and become full Knights Errant.

Session 2: "Dendricon Station"
Wherein the heroes save the Sybokian colony of Dendricon V from destruction by Mavorian raiders.

Session 3: "Terror in the Forbidden Zone"
Wherein the heroes venture into the forbidden zone of Beamis III on a rescue mission.

Session 4: "Vampires, Nothing but Vampires"
Wherein the heroes are dispatched to Pontus XII to solve the mystery of disappearing villages.

Session 5: "Pound Away, in the Hole"
Wherein the heroes visit the Chulduk system to investigate reports of Mavorian craft, and discover the "Lance of Wilson".

Session 6: "Iím Gut-Shot, You Damned, Clumsy Ape!"
Wherein the heroes investigate a conspiracy to steal tribute to the Kingdom, and learn of the mystery of the "True King".

Session 7: "The End of the Road for Blackhat Matt"
Wherein the career of the murderer Blackhat Matt is put to a premature end and the knights welcome a new member to their order.

Session 8: "Video Idol Gregg Darbusto's World of Grundorians"
Wherein the heroes save the agricultural planet of Galaia Prime (a.k.a. Darbusto's Rock) from a Grundorian slave revolt.

Session 9: "Once, Twice, Three Times the Savior"
Wherein the heroes battle the nefarious band of super-villians, 'Eliís Chosen Six'.

Session 10: "Frosty Chocolate Death Shakes"
Wherein the heroes get to the bottom of an assasination attempt on Bloodblade.

Session 11: "Attack of the Space Crickets"
Wherein the heroes investigate an attack on an key refinery to the Kingdom.

Session 12: "Since when do Grundorians have guns?"
Wherein the heroes trace the disappearance of an imporant spaceship.

Session 13: "Wedding Bell Blues"
Wherein the heroes attend the wedding of Sir Hollis DuPont.

Session 14: "Old Enemies, New Dublin"
Wherein the heroes prepare the way for colonists of New Dublin and discover what Gregg Darbusto has been doing with his spare time recently.

Session 15: "Go, Go Battlemonkeys!"
Wherein the heroes learn the secret of the Order of Shadrack.

Session 16: "Fleet of the True King"
Wherein the heroes stop a coup attempt by elements of the Royal Navy.

Session 17: "Grundorians Die, Die, Die!"
Wherein the heroes hold off an incursion of elite Grundorians on order to secure a crucial planet.

Session 18: "True King, Truly Dead"
Wherein the heroes end the threat of the true king and single-handedly stop an invasion of alien robots.