The Kingdom of Orion

The Kingdom of Orion is an interstellar government ruling over approximately 1000 star systems in the Milky Way Galaxy. The ruler is a king, elected out of members of the royal line by a representative assembly and serving for life. The chief functions of the royal government are to protect the worlds from outside threat, to keep the peace between worlds, to provide a stable currency and to maintain stable trade relations. Each world maintains its own separate planetary government and defense forces, but also provide tribute of men and resources to support the royal government. The kingdom was founded 300 years ago when the galaxy was in the grips of a devastating interplanetary war against a “race” of robotic conquerors and destroyers. The first king, a human admiral named Wilson McBride (Wilson I) rallied the shattered forces of a score of planets to victory, at the same time founding the legendary Knights of Orion to give his forces the needed advantage to overcome the ruthless machine enemy.


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The Knights Of Orion
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