1. THE BADLANDS is a modified first edition AD&D campaign, whose first session was held on November 14, 2010.

2. Its principal DM and designer is Dave Nelson, and commentary on the creation and the progress of the campaign can be found at his blog: http://doctorskullsworkshop.blogspot.com/

3. A basic list of the characters can be found on this page: badlands characters

4. An exhaustive list of NPC's: badlands npcs

5. Logs of all the game sessions can be found on this page: badlands logs

6. Issues of the In-game Newspaper, the Portchester News-Ledger: portchester news ledger

7. Here is information on my side-line solo game: The Awesome Squad

8. Here are the FINAL versions of the house rules and setting documents for the Badlands Campaign:

Character Rules (final Draft) character_rules_final.pdf

Combat Rules (final Draft)combat_rules_final.pdf

Magic Rules (final Draft)magic_book_final.pdf

Campaign Rules (final Draft)campaign_rules_final.pdf

Setting Booklet (final Draft)setting_booklet_final.pdf

Gear Book (final Draft)gear_book_final.pdf

Combat Reference Sheet combat_reference_sheet.pdf

Replacements and Absent Players replacements.pdf

Final Draft of Feats of Arms document final draft 8/11/11: feats_of_arms_final.pdf

A Timelne of the Gatavia Region

Literature of the Gatavia Region

Lipponese Information

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