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 ======PRECEDENCE===== ======PRECEDENCE=====
 +Everyone in the Realm has their particular social status, which is noted and very explicit. ​ Everything from how much your testimony is worth in court to how far you sit from the head of the table is arranged in order of the ranks of precedence below. ​ The King is at the top and each step down is one rank in precedence less.
   * The King and Queen of the Realm   * The King and Queen of the Realm
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   * Knight-Errant   * Knight-Errant
   * Village Bailiff   * Village Bailiff
-  * Priest+  * Priest ​(most clerics, 2nd or above)
   * Landed Gentry   * Landed Gentry
   * Squire   * Squire
-  * Guild Master+  * Guild Master ​(most magic-users 2nd or above)
   * Citizen of Town or City   * Citizen of Town or City
-  * Monk+  * Monk (first level clerics)
   * Yeoman   * Yeoman
   * Serf   * Serf
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