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-I'm envisioning that when Mr Cheavers (in flashback after cold open in medias res) gives his briefing, he will "​express the committee'​s concern"​ about some piece of the teams arsenal. ​+ Page is Moot
-At the end of the session, he will send Rufus to repossess that piece if the PC mission fails. +See synthesized ​reward ​system
- +
-Each session the players also get a certain number of draws from the equipment deck, to be included in Rufus'​s delivery. +
- +
-There should be some mechanism for PC'S requisition specific pieces, but I don't know what that might be +
- +
-//Maybe use boons or "​richies"​ like we did for Knights of Orion?// +
- +
-I guess we need to decide when Rufus'​s regular delivery happens. ​ Beginning or end of session. ​ Beginning gives us new toys to  play with right away.   End gives us ways to reward ​or penalize players for the session (see Kill Jar).  We can put extraordinary things in the deck as well, like the boons, but sometimes a guy is going to say "I really want a German Lugar, why can't I just get one?" ​ We need a way to allow player requests to factor into the draws. +
- +
-We also need a scheme for how many draws. ​ 1 draw per player, 2? +
- +
-// Let's create two "​classes"​ of equipment decks. ​ Maybe one that is as good as a single advancement (e.g. +1 die, add a skill or power) and another that is significantly better because it includes things like vehicles and henchmen, but with some choices that may not be useful but are cool (e.g. atomic toaster, unique pet, special clubhouse, a noble title). ​ We'll hide a third "​elite"​ deck that we can whip out for unique achievements that is limited to a dozen or so choices. ​ <​del>​So either two draws from deck 1 or a single from deck 2?</​del> ​ Sounds like you've already come up with a plan. // +
- +
- +
- +
-  * Cold Open Encounter ​  //​SMASH OPEN FTW!// +
-  * Flash Back to Mr. Cheaver'​s Briefing (if needed, maybe Cheavers rides with Rufus? ​ //LIKE// ) +
-  * Flash Back to Rufus'​s Delivery #1, 2 random equipment draws per player, Rufus will explain that it may take a while to unpack and assemble the stuff (to rationalize why they didn't have it for cold open)  //COOL// +
-  * The adventure +
-  * Rufus'​s Second Delivery: ​ draw more equipment cards based on success of mission, and the Kill Jar  //OR LOSE EQUIPMENT//​ +
-  * Now also draw from **2nd deck**, based on success and/or Kill Jar, this deck is only way vehicles can be acquired, upgraded or replaced, where henchmen can be acquired or replaced, where contacts can be acquired, Sample Cards: ​ Repair damaged vehicle, ​ Choose 1 piece of desired ordinary gear,  "​dead"​ henchmen not dead at all           +
-  * Just need a formula or two for the second delivery numbers.+
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