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Robinson Park

This large open green space was made from the last farm in Gotham City, owned by shipping magnate Cornelius Robinson. When Robinson realized he was going to die without an heir, he was convinced by a visit by Theodore Roosevelt that making his large farm into a public park would be an exceptional legacy.

While sections of the park are quite beautiful and used for recreation even today, hobo camps and shanties are to be found in another section, known as Shabby Town. The Wound Ravens have made life miserable for the poor inhabitants of the park, extorting “rent money” from them.

There is a lake south of the Great Lawn known as Robinson Reservoir. Built on a former swamp, it was designed by to accommodate boats in the summer and ice skaters in winter. A wooded area surrounded by oak, cypress, and beech trees, covers the southern portion of the park.

To the North of the Great Lawn are a series of large boulders and rock outcroppings dropped by receding glaciers in the ancient past. One such outcrop is “Rat Rock” named for the vermin that swarm there at night.

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