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-====== Old Gotham ====== 
-Old Gotham is the area first settled in the 17th century and contains much of the city's government and most historical buildings. ​ Independence Avenue is the main thoroughfare that runs East-West the length of Old Gotham. ​ It is split by Harbor Street, an important landmark of the [[Financial District]]. ​ Locals know that the district of Old Gotham being split east and west by Harbor Street.  ​ 
-The Eastern part of the district is much more mercantile and industrial. ​ The Gotham Docks are on the Eastern Edge of the district. ​ [[silas_wayne|Wayne Shipping]] and [[the_cobblepots|Cobblepots'​ Transworld Shipping Division]] are headquartered here. Many warehouses and shipping-related businesses are scattered throughout the eastern part of the district. 
-The West portion of Old Gotham contains the bulk of important city buildings and institutions such as the city courthouse and city hall.  Before the great fire, there were artifacts and exhibits that showed life in 17th Century Gotham. ​ [[St. George'​s Cathedral|St. George'​s Episcopal Cathedral]] which was also burned down in the great fire is here and is very slowing being rebuilt. 
-The entire district is peppered with rough neighborhoods and dingy groceries. ​ The Central Police Headquarters and City jail are in this district. ​ You can also find [[wham|WHAM]] radio studios and the [[the herald|Herald]] newspaper here.  [[desmond_cobblepot|Desmond Cobblepot'​s]] new Cobblepot Towers is being erected here on a patch of ground abandoned since the [[the_great_gotham_fire_of_1911|Great Fire]]. 
-In early January, one large building in a seedy block in Old Gotham suddenly collapsed. ​  ​Written off a "​termites"​ by the authorities,​ it was in reality an attack by [[roachman|The Roachman]] against an [[all_americans|All Americans]] counterfeiting operation. 
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